What are the benefits of the PRX-T33 Peel?

What is the PRX-T33 treatment?

The PRX-T33 treatment, which is basically a chemical peel, tightens and firms the skin by regenerating the dermis and encouraging collagen synthesis.

What are the active ingredients in the solution?

The main three ingredients:

There are three main and active ingredients in the PRX-T33 treatment, and they are trichloroacetic acid, kojic acid, and hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide:

The hydrogen peroxide, which makes up over 30% of the solution, is the component that is present in the solution in the highest concentration.

While this ingredient is primarily used for oxidation and as an antimicrobial, it is also crucial to the PRX-T33 procedure because of its abilities to help the acids penetrate the epidermis more effectively.

Due to the fact that the PRX-T33 chemical peel is non-invasive, the requirement for hydrogen peroxide is increased in order to help the acids penetrate deeper levels of the dermis.

Because of this, this specific ingredient is a crucial part of the remedy.

The acids:

The two most well-known acids that use hydrogen peroxide as a solvent are kojic acid and trichloroacetic acid.

The peeling chemical, trichloroacetic acid, is very efficient in peeling. This acid works to completely remove all of the dead skin cells from the dermis, and it also encourages the development and production of younger, healthier cells.

On the other hand, kojic acid works to soften the skin by concentrating on skin flaws and areas of hyperpigmentation as well as brightening the skin as a whole and balancing the tone.

Long-lasting effects are a guarantee!

The aforementioned ingredients function in such a way that the PRX-T33 chemical therapy’s effects are felt long after the treatment has ended because the ingredients are still active and encourage long-term advantages.

What are the benefits of the procedure?

It is a non-invasive pain-free treatment

The PRX-T33 procedure has numerous, wide-ranging advantages that touch on many desired parts of skin treatments.

The fact that the procedure is painless in every way is the first benefit. This is as a result of the treatment’s non-invasiveness, which is yet another benefit.

The PRX-T33 does not use needles or other sharp objects or materials to puncture the flesh.

Results are obtained with the aid of the hydrogen peroxide ingredient, which helps the acids in penetrating the skin, as was previously stated in relation to the solution’s active ingredients.

Gentler healing process

The PRX-T33 does not produce an extended and difficult healing process that includes excessive skin peeling and irritation, unlike the majority of chemical peels.

Mild discomfort and redness may be anticipated for a few days following the therapy. However, this is not a serious issue and it passes quickly. Those with sensitive skin greatly profit from this feature!

WiQo moisturizers and neutralizers are advised as part of the post-treatment aftercare to lessen the effects of the anticipated slight discomfort or irritation.

All skin types can tolerate this procedure

The procedure also has the crucial benefit of being well-accepted by all skin types, even sensitive skin!

Additionally, since the PRX-T33 solution doesn’t cause any abrasive peeling of the skin’s protective layers, it is not contraindicated to use when the skin is subjected to UV rays from the sun.

What are the expected results from the treatment?

What kind of changes should be expected?

The skin on your face, neck, cleavage area, and other areas may be treated with the solution. This is significant to note because it is incorrect to believe that the solution should only be applied to the face.

Your skin will appear significantly less wrinkled, firmer and more toned, brighter, softer, and overall more youthful-looking in these areas where the procedure was performed.

When will tangible changes occur?

One of the greatest things about the PRX-T33 treatment is that the results are nearly instantaneous.

Those undertaking this procedure may resume their regular life activities with little to no downtime.

This is usually a sought-after feature by those getting ready for an upcoming event, those with a quick-paced lifestyle, and pretty much everyone who does not want to endure a tedious healing process.

It is recommended to benefit from the WiQo products during the aftercare of the procedure to help the skin heal better and get quicker results. The WiQo moisturizer and WiQo neutralizer should be adequate to use!

To benefit even more from the procedure, more sessions across multiple weeks are recommended.

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