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What is WiQo Fluido Levigante 30ml?

The WiQo Fluido Levigante cream is one that has multiple purposes and functions. It mainly acts to even out wrinkles, toughen the epidermis, increase its elasticity, and promote the regeneration of the epidermis.

What are the benefits of using WiQo Fluido Levigante 30ml?

The WiQo Fluido Levigante cream helps your skin create its own abundance of collagen so that it remains strong and healthy.

One of the great uses of the product is that it helps the skin heal faster and better after a chemical peel, like that of the PRX-T33.

Applying the WiQo Fluido after the PRX-T33 allows the effects of the PRX-T33 treatment to reach deeper layers of the dermis, to have the effects stick for longer, and to make the treatment overall more effective.


How does it work?

The way the product works is that it promotes the production of collagen by the skin’s own cells. Collagen will, in return, performs its well-known functions of making the skin more elastic, removing wrinkles, and softening it.

Moreover, the pH of the WiQo Fluido Levigante cream is low in order to help get rid of unwanted dead skin cells and keep the epidermis looking fresh and glowing.

How to use it?

While users can be flexible with their usage of the cream, there are some recommendations that are advised to be followed.

Mainly, and in order to ensure that the Fluido cream gives your skin the most optimal results, use it at least once a day. 

And while the cream can be applied on most areas of the body, it is preferable to avoid applying it on irritated or damaged skin.

Additional usage of the cream is after getting cosmetic procedures done. Using the WiQo Fluido Levigante cream on your skin after it has been exposed to some sort of cosmetic procedure, such as the PRX-T33 chemical peel, can help strengthen and support the skin layers and aid in the healing process.

The product also allows the effects of the chemical peel of the PRX-T33 to take a better effect on the skin.

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