PRX-T Lady 2ml (2-8) W. Cream & Serum
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What is PRX-T Lady 2ml (2-8) W. Cream & Serum?

This treatment has multiple purposes. Mainly, it is an anti-aging treatment, a skin tightening and whitening procedure, and it also aims at restoring the viability of skin imperfections.

It is extremely purposeful for sensitive areas, and it is commonly used on them as well. The product is delicate enough to be used on sensitive skin locations, yet effective enough to make an instant difference.

What can I find in the PRX-T Lady 2ml (2-8) W. Cream & Serum pack?

Upon opening the pack, you will find the most important component, the PRX-T Lady vials. There will be five in total, each containing exactly 2ml of the solution. 

Additionally, a whitening serum and a restoring cream can be found in the pack as well. These products can be found in the form of a bottle and a bundle of twenty sachets, respectively.


How to use it?

With so many products in the pack, you may need to refer to the instructions to better understand how and when to use each of them in order to get the most out of your treatment plan.

First and foremost, the restoring cream needs to be used as a base. This cream will help prepare the skin and allow the treatment to get to the layers it intends to reach. 

Secondly, use the PRX-T Lady generously on the locations that were prepped. Rub the solution in gently. Ideally, it is recommended to go about this step twice, although that is optional. 

Once that is done, make sure to clean the area well before finally moving on to the final step, which is using the lightning cream.

What are the benefits of using it?

The effects of the treatment range from brightening areas that are prone to getting dark, strengthening the support and the regeneration of tissues in these areas, and addressing discolorations.

These features can be used by anyone regardless of their type of skin. And although the name includes ‘Lady’, the treatment can be used by men and women alike.

Indicate the ingredients:

The main ingredients that deserve highlighting are hydrogen peroxide and trichloroacetic acid.

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