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What is PRX Reverse Peel W. Serum & Neutralizer?

The PRX Reverse Peel treatment is a three-phase procedure that aims at relieving your skin from melasma and other issues related to hyperpigmentation.

The PRX Reverse Peel is a full treatment course that falls under the category of chemical peels.

What is inside the PRX Reverse Peel W. Serum & Neutralizer pack?

The products found inside the pack of the PRX Reverse Peel, include a couple of vials from each of the three phases, a bottle of the serum, and a bottle of the neutralizer.

What are the benefits of using it?

The fact that the treatment is divided into three different phases carries multiple advantages, such as the fact that each solution in the treatment plan targets a specific issue and has a definite function.

This systemic organization allows the skin to handle fewer toxins at once, it allows each solution to completely runs its course of action, and it is much more efficient.

The PRX Reverse Peel is also one of the very few completely painless chemical peels. The product does not involve needles whatsoever.


How to use the product?

The PRX Reverse Peel kit has a strict regimen, and it goes as follows:

You begin by prepping the skin and then initiating the first phase of the process. The first phase entails that the solution of the first vial is gently massaged onto the skin and allowed to rest.

The reason why the solution is allowed to rest is that the different acids need time to reach the deeper layers of melasma and properly perform their function.

Between each phase, the face is cleaned and prepped again.

In the second phase, the solution of the second vial is also applied to the face. Here, the acids begin the peeling process of the melasma.

When that is done, the neutralizer is used.

Sometime later, the third phase is initiated. Here, a different set of acids continue the exfoliation process of the melasma.

At the end of the third phase, and after the skin has been cleared once more, the neutralizer and the serum finally come to use.

Although the regimen is strict and specific, the procedure is still flexible enough and safe enough to undergo regardless of the weather that the skin is exposed to.

It is important to note that the PRX Peel is also safe and recommended for all types of skin. 

Indicate the ingredients:

The acids used in the first segment are kojic acid and trichloroacetic acid.

In the second segment, we have lactic acid and phytic acid.

The final phase involves almond acid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid.

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