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What is PRX P-Solution 300ml?

The product is a solution that prepares the skin in every possible way to undergo a therapy of some sort or a procedure.

For instance, prior to undergoing the PRX-T33 procedure, applying the PRX-P Solution would greatly amplify the results and the effects, in all the best ways possible.

It also serves as a skin cleanser that works efficiently yet gently.

What is inside the PRX P-Solution 300ml pack?

Each pack consists of one bottle of the PRX-P Solution. Each bottle contains 300ml of the product.

What are the benefits of using PRX P-Solution?

The benefits of using this solution on your skin prior to undergoing a procedure are plenty! 

For starters, it acts in such a way that prepares the skin for therapy. 

The way it prepares the skin is through a mixture of acids and minerals that cause the tissues of the dermis to open up in order to make the skin more receptive to procedures like the PRX-T33.

This helps the PRX-T33 solution penetrate the layers of the dermis even more efficiently! 

In return, naturally, the skin reacts much better to the PRX-T33 chemical peel and is therefore able to heal better as well.

The PRX-P Solution is clearly the way to go if you’re looking to make the most out of a skin-related cosmetic procedure.

It may be important to note that it can also be used before undergoing other, different kinds of therapies or procedures, such as laser treatments, all kinds of peels, and acne treatment.

Other uses of the product are therapeutic in nature. It helps keep the pH of the skin in check, aids in maintaining moisture, and even acts as a wonderful cleansing agent.

The type of cleansing that one should expect from this product is unlike any other as it does such a thorough job that it leaves no residue behind. It also ensures that your skin never loses moisturize for hours on end.


How to use it?

Whether you are intending to use this product as a cleansing agent or prior to undergoing a procedure of some sort, the application process remains the same.

All you have to do is clean your skin thoroughly with water, dry it off completely, and then generously apply the solution over the intended skin surfaces with the help of a clean cotton pad.

Indicate the ingredients:

As mentioned previously, the product is perfectly designed with carefully selected combinations of acids and oils that give the best therapeutic results. 

Some of the acids included in the list of ingredients include citric acid, phytic acid, glycolic acid, labtobionic acid, and lactic acid.

Citric acid is an extremely vital component as it serves many functions. One of the functions that citric acid serves is that it is a strong antioxidant. Citric acid is also an effective exfoliant, which means that it has anti-aging properties that get rid of dead skin cells.

Phytic acid, on the other hand, is used in skincare to enhance skin tone and even brighten the skin as well.

Glycolic acid is one of the most important acids used in the product. This is because glycolic acid promotes the production of collagen which, as we all already know, is essential for skin elasticity and health.

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