How Safe is the PRX-T33 Peel?

What is the PRX-T33 Peel?

The new big thing!

The PRX-T33 is an innovative and brand new approach to the traditional methods of chemical peels.

This form of chemical peel does not involve any invasive procedures, and the downtime of having it done is close to nonexistent.

With the PRX-T33 treatment, the results are seen by clients almost instantaneously, with further multiple sessions consolidating the effects of the treatment.

The purposes are plenty:

Generally speaking, the purpose of a peel is to clean your dermis of any unwanted cells that may be harboring bacteria and pathogens and also providing the proper support for the collagen and elastin producing mechanisms to produce more of the necessary components to help strengthen your skin and make it stronger.

This newfound strength of the saggy skin will lift it up, support it, and firm it up, thereby getting rid of wrinkles and giving your skin a more youthful look.

How safe is the PRX-T33 Peel?

What makes it so safe?

The PRX-T33 chemical peel is considered the safest form of chemical peel out there as it does not in any way involve penetrating the skin with needles or other sharp instruments.

This results in the treatment being more gentle on the skin and causing a lot less side effects than the average chemical peel.

This form of peeling is also safe in regard to the acids used, as moderate yet effective amounts of trichloroacetic acid, kojic acid, and hydrogen peroxide are used.

Instead of aiming for one harsh treatment, this treatment is a process that requires multiple sessions to achieve the desired and ideal results. With such an approach, the skin is better able to absorb and handle the chemicals and the effects of the treatment.

Another safe aspect of the PRX-T33 is the fact that people with sensitive skin are able to undergo the treatment. In fact, the PRX-T33 peel is considered safe enough to use on all skin types.

Additionally, it is also considered safe and recommended for multiple body locations and not just the face, for both genders, and regardless of the weather that the skin is exposed to.

Harsh chemical peels leave the skin feeling extra sensitive to the UV rays of the sun with the excessive peeling that is done on the protective layers of the skin.

Minimal aftercare needed:

On the other hand, with the noninvasive technique of the PRX-T33, a very minimalistic aftercare routine is recommended that involves some WiQo products, such as the gentle moisturizer and the effective neutralizer.

WiQo products are also recommended prior to the PRX-T33 treatment in order to help the layers of the dermis absorb as much of the acids as possible, resulting in more obvious effects.

Are there any side effects to the PRX-T33 Peel?

The expected side effects:

Based on how simplistic the recommended aftercare of the PRX-T33 treatment is, it should become quite clear that there are little to no major side effects of the treatment.

As expected, the effects of the peel continue to take place within the next hours to days after the treatment. This means that the skin may also be slightly sensitive or tender to touch in the meantime.

The skin may also be a little red and swollen, as is normal with the intensity of the changes that the skin is undergoing throughout that time.

The serious side effects of usual peels, like extreme dryness and intense peeling is not so common with the PRX-T33 treatment. Some minor peeling may take place within a day or so.

After a few days, these effects should die down, and the skin should, more or less, be back to normal.

Understanding how insignificant the side effects of the PRX-T33 also helps consolidate the fact of how safe it truly is.

How to avoid unwanted side effects:

Another point worth mentioning is that the treatment is not meant to be performed on specifically irritated skin, open wounds, an active infection, or the like.

For these conditions, it is recommended to get them resolve beforehand, so as to avoid any unwanted complications.

It is also advisable to make use of the WiQo products which react well with the acids of the PRX-T33 treatment to protect the skin.

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